Sunday, July 20, 2014

We're baaaaaackcckkk 2014

 We are back again in this new amazing adventure in San Diego! We our in our last year here.  The above picture is our 2013 Christmas picture, taken at Lake Havasu, AZ.  2014 has been pretty eventful, my Mom has been sick for the first part of the year but is finally healed.  My Dad has been working really hard and works as the Environmental Health Officer on Coronado.  Mikey is heading off to college in Arizona, and I am a sophomore in High school and Onyx is well.....Onyx!  Life is really gonna change in the next few months.  In October the family (except Mikey)  is moving to Hawaii!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hello... Anybody there??

We are still here. Chugging along, at the end of year two here in Sicily. Yay!! Here is what we have been up to lately.  Mike was just recently promoted to LTJG, he and I had a wonderful getaway weekend in Scopello.  The entire family just recently participated in a Multicultural Talent Show, let's see what else??? Hmmmmm.... I will just let the pics tell the story.  Here we go...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Italian Experience... Cooking with Italian Students

Students from "Lighthouse Language School" in Scordia, Italy.
Our cooking class prepared the following : Fruit Salsa w/ Cinnamon sugar tortilla chips, Peas and Rice, grilled ribs, hot dogs, hamburgers, and brownie cheesecake.

Students enjoying the fruit of their labour.

On the right: Jose Mudo - owner of the language school...

Students as they begin to relax after enjoying their meal..

More recent events....Apr & May 2010

Mikey striking a pose at the ADFD Talent Show
Gabriel and his award winning smile, waiting for the talent show to begin.

Picture taken on a recent ride to Sferro. Mike and I completed 32 miles ont his ride.

We were accompanied by Herman, and Leon on our 5/22 ride to Sferro, Italy.

Mike and Fernando showing their "superman" poses after the run in Messina, Italy.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Lordy, Lordy Look Who's 40!!

Gabe's shot.AVI

Where are we now..?

It has been a year since our last blog update. So much has happened since then!! Mike is now edumacated with a BS in Environmental Health, he is now a commissioned officer, we no longer live in NC, we are currently in Sicily, Italy!! I will be posting past pics and updates to take you through all of these changes somewhat slowly. Oh! did I mention that Mikey is 16 and Gabe is 12? Please click on their respective pages to view an update of what they have been up to. Lots to posts so.... here goes!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How Time Flies!!

Where did all my little people go? This clip brings tears to my eyes as I see how big they have gotten. This video was taken in the Lodge when we first arrived in Japan 6 years ago. The camera man needs to focus better but still a memorable piece.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Christmas 2008

What's a trip to Fl. without hitting beaches?? Even if it is December...

We decided to take full advantage of the low gas prices and back to Fl. we went for Christmas '08.

Mike's "other" dad, Mr. Andy!!

Mama Cora and the boys- we had such a great time with Mama Cora and Mrs. Cooper. We ate to our hearts content and had some of the best red velvet cake and tilapia!!

2008 Continues......

The Birthday boy and his "mommy"
The "Birthday Mom" and her grandboys!!
Our first time meeting Derrick's fiance'! Presenting Deanna Ebanks (Rahming)

Can you tell who's birthday??

The cake.....

With gas prices being so low we were able to drive down to Florida for Thanksgiving and Mike's b-day. What a GREAT time we had!! We hadn't had Thanksgiving with family in a long time. We were truly thankful for the opportunity.

Mikey and Flag Football...

Mikey was able to play with the local Flag
Football team for Greenville. Boy did we miss MWR!! The practices were nill and none. Our coach threw together plays on the day of the game....needless to say we were massacred at every game. Other than the parents griping, Mikey had a blast and was nominated MVP for his team

Got Game.....

This was a very exciting and fun time for us! Gabey had the opportunity to play tackle football for the first time. Unfortunately, Mikey was too old to play with the league. The practices were outstanding the time and effort giving by the coaches was awesome. It was about praying together and playing together. Our only concern came when we saw that some of the kids in Gabey's age group was as big as Mike... YIKES!!! and OUCH!! One game Gabey's team had about 5 injuries!!