Thursday, March 19, 2009

How Time Flies!!

Where did all my little people go? This clip brings tears to my eyes as I see how big they have gotten. This video was taken in the Lodge when we first arrived in Japan 6 years ago. The camera man needs to focus better but still a memorable piece.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Christmas 2008

What's a trip to Fl. without hitting beaches?? Even if it is December...

We decided to take full advantage of the low gas prices and back to Fl. we went for Christmas '08.

Mike's "other" dad, Mr. Andy!!

Mama Cora and the boys- we had such a great time with Mama Cora and Mrs. Cooper. We ate to our hearts content and had some of the best red velvet cake and tilapia!!

2008 Continues......

The Birthday boy and his "mommy"
The "Birthday Mom" and her grandboys!!
Our first time meeting Derrick's fiance'! Presenting Deanna Ebanks (Rahming)

Can you tell who's birthday??

The cake.....

With gas prices being so low we were able to drive down to Florida for Thanksgiving and Mike's b-day. What a GREAT time we had!! We hadn't had Thanksgiving with family in a long time. We were truly thankful for the opportunity.

Mikey and Flag Football...

Mikey was able to play with the local Flag
Football team for Greenville. Boy did we miss MWR!! The practices were nill and none. Our coach threw together plays on the day of the game....needless to say we were massacred at every game. Other than the parents griping, Mikey had a blast and was nominated MVP for his team

Got Game.....

This was a very exciting and fun time for us! Gabey had the opportunity to play tackle football for the first time. Unfortunately, Mikey was too old to play with the league. The practices were outstanding the time and effort giving by the coaches was awesome. It was about praying together and playing together. Our only concern came when we saw that some of the kids in Gabey's age group was as big as Mike... YIKES!!! and OUCH!! One game Gabey's team had about 5 injuries!!

Finally, someone is updating this Blog!!

It has been awhile since we have posted on the blog... Mike's fault!! (Just kidding!!)

For all who are not aware we are heading to Italy in a few months. I will be posting pics from over that past few months and hope to keep you all updated as much as possible in the future.

Brief summary of last year 2008: Mike continued to maintain a pretty decent GPA at ECU throughout the year. He tackled some of his toughest classes and by the grace of God came out with very impressive grades. In the fall he began driving the bus for the school, I hope to get some pics of him doing that before we leave. Mike and Gabey continue to be be active in sports and Boy Scouts. They are both doing well in school. Mikey just completed Driver's Ed as of March 10th, he only needs to complete the driving requirement and will have his learner's permit. Gabey has just official completed his entry requirement to become a scout.

Now for the lengthy story: Last year we were finally able to get a doctor to refer Nicole for testing. She was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in May and in June told that there was a mass of some kind in her spinal cord (T7). Further tests were inconclusive and it is believed to be an inflammation of some sort. Over the course of time she was prescibed about 6 - 8 different meds which were making her very ill. The Lord provided an answer to prayer through a good friend of ours who recommended seeing a Naturopathic Doctor. With the help of the ND Nicole now takes NO prescription meds and is controlling the crohns by her diet and an occassional remedy. She is thankful for each and every drop of grace that has been bestowed on her and says thank you to all her fellow journeymen for their prayers and words of encouragement.

Now on to the pics and some fun......