Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mikey's birthday bash! Kids left with hangovers!!

CLAP or go home!!!
The Caucus!!
"Good thing Sean can't see me, I told him I hate dancing!!""OOOHHH ma back!!"
Wild Boys!!

Doin' the Cha Cha Slide (version 2)

"I told dad that shoes were over-rated - OWW!!
Cat fight!!!
"Mom would be so proud of me, I'm using my head!!"
Young arsonist in training and his mentor - common in NC!

"Somebody in my boy scout troop told me that I could start a fire like this. Was I listening that day?"
"My mom's not here and they gave me a STICK!!"
The CONGO Line
The race begins...
She runs like a GIRL!!

" Oh my gosh - that's fire!"
" They need to hurry up - I want cake!!"
" What?" "Huh?" "Who Me?"
" If I knew they only wanted me here to hold this tarp, I wouldn't have brought a present!"
DISCO lives!!

"I asked dad NOT to put my bathwater out here. Now my friends are going to expect me to share!!"
The CREW (& Uncle Sean)!!!
Johnny T (On donuts & Diet Coke) !!
The new generation of engineers - they can construct your house too - for FREE!

"What connections are you talking about??!!"


Now we're gettin' somewhere!!
He's admiring his work! Persistence!!??

The 2nd attempt!!

The midget's lowrider!

MK-I/MOD-0: The first attempt at the "TINGEN 'BENT"

Okay, my neighbor Jody got a little rambunctious one night and thought he'd try his hand at his very own recumbent. Here's what he came up with:

Gabey turns 10!!

Moms, just chillin' !!

The dancing...!!!

Prayer changes things - "Please God, let this party last all night!!"

Wow, what a cool dad, he's sooo tall and he knows how to keep candy away from kids!!!

And here's the mad dash for cavities!!!

Savanna givin' a big smile for the camera!!

Cuttin' the cake
Gettin' presents...

Jedi - the man!!!

Friends at the table of the birthday boy!!

Okay -BLOW!! (They were trick candles)

Gwen helping out - adding some "flava" to the party!!!

NEW ventilation duct work!!

Well, it wasn't planned, but here it is! The dogs (Bear & Vince), got into the crawl space to "investigate" why the humans were always happy inside the house vice outside. The discovery of all the soft WARM stuff was so intriguing that they had to remove it all for us on one of the coldest AND WETTEST days of the year - just so that we could all "share" the heat. Since Mike wasn't home, they figured that it was okay NOT to simply ask to come inside to warm up.
Needless to say, Mike was too upset once he did investigate the crawlspace and see the delight the dogs shared in their "work", for him to take pictures! They were so proud of themselves and thought their illustrious master would be ecstatic. Mike was ecstatic alright!!! We ALMOST could imagine the taste of "Dog Stew" for dinner - however, God moved upon his heart and the dogs are still alive! Thus you have pics of the NEW duct work after Mike and his good friend, George Yznitsky got together one Saturday and replaced all the damaged duct with this nice looking stuff! Whew, the boys were so happy they could keep their dogs!! :-)