Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Three guesses what this is - no one from Japan can answer!

Don't' be fooled by the smiles, these are the founding members of the Japanese gang on base called the "Shreks"! As you can see one of them is showing a rare siting of their gang sign! They're ruthless and dangerous - beware! They even have a treacherous dance taking the nation by storm called the "S-walk"!! IF you see them, walk on the other side of the street! Don't call the police, they're paid by these guys!!
What's on Sam's mind? Jen & Lola...!!!!!

Mikes baby's momma & daddy - Nicole's in there too!!

Alisha & Nicole - Alisha owns a bank called NRU w/Ray-Ray 'n 'nem!


Here's the truth - Mike has two daughters that I didn't know about...!!

Okay, here are Mike's "boys" - Tony, (Mike - of course), Sam, Juan, James and Mike! This was our farewell get-together before leaving Japan!
Mikey & Tony chillin' on the Papa San!!!
Okay, this is Mike! The boys went with him to work and wound up taking this pic before he went on a dive. What a sexy man!!! :-)
This isn't Mike - DUUUHHH!!! This is Sam, he worked with Mike on the ship and is the other member w/Mike, of the famous rap group "White Chocolate w/JJ and the Lola's"!!! They're working on their platinum album coming out in '08 called, "Drizzled Caramel"!!!

Japan Pics

Okay, we're going to back it up a tad bit and experience some of Japan! So prepare yourselves...!

This is Mike, one day on dive station on the ship! He looks so serious, so intent and concerned - yeah right!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The dogs then and now......

This is Vince when we first brought him home. He was "hand raised" and was very much use to human comforts.
Introducing Bear aka "mud-pup". He was quickly nicknamed "mud-pup" as rolling in the mud, even after a bath, was his favorite thing.
This is Mr. Invincible at 61/2 months. He is a very intelligent dog however, is also strong willed. He is both a joy and a trial. We absolutely love him!!!
Have you ever seen a more teenage look in a dog? This is "mud-pup" at 6mths. He is very, very, loveable but he always seems to get into trouble. You will find he is always very, very sorry and will show his humbleness by rolling over on his back so that you may be "dominant" and rub his tummy. He is a sweety, but very jealous! After all he was one out of 11.

Acting Debut!!

Mikey and Gabe landed parts in the Church's Christmas Play.

They really enjoyed themselves! The play was titled "You've got Mail".

It focused the audience's attention on the meaning of Immanuel and

that we must not only think about Christ at Christmas but all year long.

Friday, December 21, 2007

North Carolina...our new home

Well, here we are in our new home. Nothing real fancy, but it's ours. Come and visit sometime!