Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Post 75 miles!!

AAALLL Dun!!! (Quoted from my friend James Simmons!)

Cheering for dad!!

While Mike was riding...!(Part 2)

Old fire pump!

New Bern old fire dept. truck

Cow Restaurant

While Mike was riding...!

Tryon Palace in New Bern, NC!
Making yarn!
Child labor laws in effect - AGAIN!!
Pepsi Store!

And they're off...!!!

Mike had some respect for the guy on the unicycle!!

Pre-75 miles!

Ride prep!

MS-150 ride in New Bern, NC

Campin' out the night before the ride!

New Floor!

Old floor rip-out!!

Old Floor!

Nicole still loves abducting other people's kids!!
(Leah, Tasha, Joshua & Nicole)

Mike's mom & Aunt Nell!

A day with Uncle Ozzy!

Don't tell Nicole I put this picture up here - she'll kill me!!

Mike & his brother Michael - Really, this is no joke! We were all surprised!

Grandma Teeny & the boys!

Nicole's mom & brother join us for dinner at Mikes uncle's restaurant!
A traditional Bahamian dish!

Are you feelin' the Junkanoo beat yet?

More cowbells!
Drums & Goat-skin drums
Cowbells! "Kalik, kalik, kalikking-kalik"!!!