G-Smooth aka Gabe

Here I am in Los Angeles I am 16 years old going to be 17 in February I am a Sophomore in High school. I am Homeschooled soon going to Hawaii 

I am here still playing basketball played in middle school and now High school. I haven't dunked yet but getting there!! The picture up above was my team that lost every game but did not give up. 

Gabriel is now 12 going on 22!  Seriously, he is becoming such a wonderful young man.  Since being here in Italy, he has played flag football (which his dad coached), and basketball.  He plans on playing both sports next year in addition to baseball.  He will be entering the 7th grade in the Fall and we are very excited about the upcoming year.

Gabe in Cefalu, Italy with his newly purchased air soft gun and of course there's that smile!!