Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mikey's birthday bash! Kids left with hangovers!!

CLAP or go home!!!
The Caucus!!
"Good thing Sean can't see me, I told him I hate dancing!!""OOOHHH ma back!!"
Wild Boys!!

Doin' the Cha Cha Slide (version 2)

"I told dad that shoes were over-rated - OWW!!
Cat fight!!!
"Mom would be so proud of me, I'm using my head!!"
Young arsonist in training and his mentor - common in NC!

"Somebody in my boy scout troop told me that I could start a fire like this. Was I listening that day?"
"My mom's not here and they gave me a STICK!!"
The CONGO Line
The race begins...
She runs like a GIRL!!

" Oh my gosh - that's fire!"
" They need to hurry up - I want cake!!"
" What?" "Huh?" "Who Me?"
" If I knew they only wanted me here to hold this tarp, I wouldn't have brought a present!"
DISCO lives!!

"I asked dad NOT to put my bathwater out here. Now my friends are going to expect me to share!!"
The CREW (& Uncle Sean)!!!
Johnny T (On donuts & Diet Coke) !!
The new generation of engineers - they can construct your house too - for FREE!

"What connections are you talking about??!!"

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